We know the global ocean is in crisis and urgently needs at least 30% protection by 2030. South Africa can help by doubling our current 5.4% protection of the oceans around our country. Achieving 10% (or more) representative (of multiple habitats and species) protection around South Africa will help our ocean and our people – an important steppingstone to the protection needed to restore ocean health. 

#whereisour10 #uphiu10.

Commit yourself to meaningful action and be one of 100 000 voices in support of the South African Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment (DFFE) and Minister Creecy, in increasing the protection of the ocean space around South Africa from 5.4% to 10% (or more) as an immediate next step.


Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are a critical tool in the ocean protection toolbox, playing a vital role in maintaining biological diversity and ecosystem functioning by controlling harmful activities in sensitive habitats and by preserving representative areas from unsustainable human development.


South Africa needs to join the global community and contribute its share towards the global target of 30% by 2030.

Overfishing, damaging industrial activities, habitat destruction, climate change, and pollution are not letting up and by not protecting our ocean’s ability to keep giving what we take, we risk a biodiversity crisis, ocean collapse, and a subsequent economic catastrophe. Science tells us that we are facing widespread ecosystem collapse starting as early as 2030.


We must make a shift from what needs to be done, which science has made clear, to how it can be done. Our oceans need us to take this step.

You can help by joining this appeal action.